Erin Dailey is a writer-editor, developer-director, and creator-manager. She believes in the excessive use of hyphens.

Erin has created and developed content for lifestyle and entertainment brands such as HGTV, DIY Network, Travel Channel, House Beautiful, Veranda, Marie Claire, and Television Without Pity. On the product direction front, Erin has managed the development of branded sites, mobile apps and large-scale digital projects, from concept straight on through to execution.

While with Scripps Networks Interactive (now Discovery, Inc.,) Erin brought the HGTV Photo Library to life, overseeing the product direction and overall asset management process. Within months of launching the Library, Erin and her team launched new photo experiences across the entire family of brands, including Food Network and Travel Channel. These photo experiences increased overall page views by over 30%.

Most recently, as part of the Discovery Digital Lifestyle Group, Erin launched a cross-brand shopping experience with a direct-to-consumer initiative on Apple News.

A highly versatile digital media professional with over fifteen years of experience, Erin has worked with traditional print media outlets and broadcast television companies. Creating content and products for lifestyle brands is her favorite corner of the realm, especially when it comes to travel and d├ęcor.

Erin's specific superpower is tech whispering and converting chaos into order in sixty minutes or less.

In previous lives, Erin has been an actor, performer, artist, copywriter, Alias-junkie, and horse sanctuary volunteer.

Erin is currently based in the United States, but operates entirely in the cloud, so it's pretty much like she could be anywhere.