Creating compelling and original content for the Web always seems to be a challenge — and it shouldn't be! Honestly, sometimes it's as simple as taking whatever raw content you have and giving it a quick twist so it works in the digital space. The most important thing is developing a voice that carries in any arena — and brings the audience right to you, no matter where they happen to be.

Beautiful photos of professionally designed spaces, detailed videos of the latest DIY projects, timely articles about trends seen at a recent trade show — believe it or not, they're all just considered "assets" in the digital space. Getting your assets from conception to publication should be as quick and painless as possible, with a minimum of hurdles and headaches.

Sites, apps, ideas -- they're all products. And they rarely just drop from the sky fully formed and ready for the world. Sometimes all that's needed is a little direction to get them on their way. Other times, well, they might require more...advanced assistance. From high-level requirements to in-depth product detail with technical instructions, get what you need to bring your product and vision to life.


I'm a writer, editor, developer, director and manager. I've written for the internet and digital properties for over 15 years, creating and developing content for companies such as the Army, AMEDD, Best Buy, House Beautiful Magazine, Veranda Magazine, Marie Claire, and Television Without Pity. Over the last 15+ years, I've created, developed and/or managed branded websites, mobile apps and large-scale digital projects. Most recently, I directed the creation and development of the new HGTV Photo Library, a core pillar of the new HGTV site redesign, which allows users to search, save and share photos from the vast collection of network shows and designers. Having spent the better part of my career working for traditional print media outlets and broadcast television companies, my experience and background show a particular lean toward media, mixed or otherwise, and I'm particularly fond of taking traditional print or broadcast content and getting it "digitized" as quickly and easily as possible. Creating and managing digital content is my favorite corner of the Web, especially when it comes to home décor and design.


It might seem hard to believe, what with my alabaster brow and bright red hair, but I am actually a Cali girl. I was born in Long Beach, around the corner from Randy's Donuts. Yes, the big donut. I miss it so. We moved to Lake Forest, Illinois when I was ten, so I quickly became a Chicagoan and still mournfully root for the Cubs (it's a tradition.) I earned a degree in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University, which really just means I'm particularly adept at improvising in any given scene or situation, including, but not limited to, panels on which I appear, roadside diners at which I order off a hidden menu and the Charlotte International Airport where I was stuck for over 48 hours one time. I was an actress in Chicago for about 10 years, and still have various Shakespearean monologues memorized which I will occasionally trot out on select social occasions. I'm an avowed tech geek, with a profound love for all things digital, device-y, mobile-y, game-y and have been known to go on a verbal assault about how they need to remake the second Gabriel Knight PC game so that the video isn't completely degraded. I've written for the Internet since roughly the days of AOL and Prodigy and continue to write for various sites as well as personal projects, which include novels, screenplays and TV shows. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading and bookmarking design magazines and sites from all over the country. My color-coded alphabetized "Home Design & Decor" binders are not for personal use only and I will gladly share them, lest anyone should ask. (No one ever has.) I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee, but have lived all over the country, most recently Manhattan, which is surprisingly just like Knoxville. You know, but with more taxis. This is pretty much the furthest I've been from a coast, either west or east, and I find that I'm craving a return to some water views. Preferably with an opportunity to put sand between my toes.


I'm all about digital content creation and management and I want to work with companies that are all about it too. There's nothing I thrill to more than taking print or traditional media to the next level and making it work for the digital realm. I have a particular knack for digital content management systems, having had to research, implement and develop several over the past few years, so I'm constantly keeping an eye on the latest innovations to digital content platforms and processes and would love to share my knowledge with others. I enjoy connecting content creators with the technical teams responsible for developing their tools and am very interested in bringing my experience as a "tech whisperer" to a company that has been looking for someone just like me